We’re recognised by our global customer base for our reliability and superior ability to deliver highly complex and bespoke components


Our team are highly skilled and have significant experience in working with the most challenging materials and exotic alloys.

Roota Engineering

CNC machining capabilities

  • We’ve got extensive CNC capabilities with a wide range of production. We have exacting standards and ensure precise tolerances of high integrity components.
  • Our highly skilled machinists use metal removal processes including mill, turn and grind and work on a wide spectrum of complex components.
Roota Engineering

Spherical grinding and lapping

  • Our unique approach to spherical grinding and lapping ensures critical sphericity of ball valves, finished to the highest specifications, which means our valves seal in any position.
  • Our spherical and flat lapping capabilities ensure that clients receive optical flatness to 1 light band and an expert finish.
Precision Components

Exotic and challenging materials

  • We work with challenging materials and exotic alloys such as A718 (Inconel), MP35N and K500 (Monel), as well as a wide range of high strength carbon steels.
  • We can offer prototypes and one-off bespoke parts, as well as higher volume batch work.
Critical finishing and testing

Critical finishing and testing

  • Our lapping, grinding and polishing capabilities make sure the components we deliver are finished to the highest standard.
  • We offer rigorous testing of manufactured components against OEM specific criteria. Our on-site hydrostatic and vacuum testing capabilities ensure the safety of our components and verify strength and stability when operating under pressure.


Our in-house production capabilities, along with our programme of preventative maintenance, maximises uptime, while reducing costs and lead times for our customers.

Our equipment includes:



Mill & Turn: